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At Hambledons we are proud to specialise in making Frames and Supports to any specification. We can work with you to customize any design to suit your requirements. This can be as simple as changing the size of one of our standard products to fit with your needs to a completely new design.       


Bespoke Oval Frame 

Designed by the head gardener of a beautiful estate in Hampshire, this frame was needed to support a large Euphorbia in the corner of a formal garden. An oval was required to soften a tapered corner while still giving an elegant finish.   


Bespoke Pyramid Frame

Designed with the owner of a stunning garden overlooking the south coast, this Pyramid was required to support a Honeysuckle in a contemporary concrete planter. We used our standard 12mm steel bar bent to right angles for the surrounds and topped with an oversized 50mm sphere. 


Bespoke Mesh Rings

Required to protect these unique planters from squirrels in a stunning walled garden. We had the pleasure in making a selection of sizes to fit the owners needs. With a 25mm mesh these Rings have been successful in stopping the plants from being dug out whilst still looking contemporary while waiting for bulbs to emerge.


Bespoke Veg Arches

We were asked to produce a number of uniformed arches to hold a fine mesh netting to protect various plants in this stunning Veg garden in the South Downs National Park. Using 12mm untreated solid steel bar, these arches will weather to a natural rust colour to match other Hambledons metal work at the estate. They will stay in the ground all through the year to add another dimension to these raised beds.  

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